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Order a Lawn Sign

We appreciate your support! Sign up for a lawn sign today by emailing with your name and address or complete THIS FORM; we’ll drop off a sign in October and pick it up after Election Day.  

Make a Donation

Inspired by our values and the experience that Stacie brings to the table? Donate today either by check payable to Friends of Stacie Agostino and mailed to 48 Woodcrest Drive, Glenville, NY 12302 or visit:

Get out the Vote!

It’s more important now than ever before to get out and vote on Election Day; and to make sure your friends and neighbors do the same.  On and around Election Day we’ll be hitting the streets, encouraging the residents in our communities to vote; we’ll need your help making calls and distributing flyers.  Email us at to sign up for an Election Day push! 

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